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Have you ever seen advertising banners across any websites you browse through? Or ever wonder how bloggers earn their commission through Google Adsense. Well, it is because of Google Display advertising, the branding campaign strategy of Google Adwords. If done  correctly GDN advertising can reach millions of people at a very small cost per impression even better than Television.

Usual Sizes used in GDN





But GDN also have their responsive HTML5 banner ads that can be customised according to the clients preferences. You can also do text ads across the GDN network. In fact, text ads have the widest coverage across the network.

GDN Banner ads can be targeted through different ways, the most common are Contextual targeting using keywords and topics. But you can also do targeting through Remarketing / Retargeting or Managed placements where you choose where to show your banners ads.

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Google Display Advertising Packages
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