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Search Engine Marketing is the most common digital marketing strategy for website owners. Using valuable and highly relevant keywords SEM or Search Engine Marketing is able to drive traffic to a website instantly. Other terms for SEM is PPC ( Pay Per Click). The most popular search engine marketing platform is Google. Their SEM adverts are managed through the Google Adwords Manager by a qualified Search Engine Marketer. There are several companies offering Pay per Click management services to ensure ROI for their ad spend but GETONLINEVISITORS.COM provides high quality SEM services that does not only bring traffic to the website but also aims to bring buying traffic. We bring you the comprehensive keyword research , highly compelling ad copy writing and intensive competitive bench marking and industry analysis to make your ppc campaigns work. We aim to bring you most traffic for your budget so you can maximize ROI. Search Engine Marketing also extends to other search engines like Yahoo and Bing for those businesses who find Google to be competitive. Outsource PPC Philippines now and get your ROI for your paid campaigns.

Every industry has different average cost per clicks which affects the costing and budgeting of the search engine marketing campaigns. It is essential to identify the goals and objectives of the campaign prior to keyword research. This is where our Search Engine Marketing experts help and provide you an indepth analysis before launching the campaigns.We managed the largest PPC campaigns across the globe through our MCC Client.

If you are reluctant about monthly advertising budget – this service is not for you. But if you are keen to understand more then talk to us!

The SEM or PPC Package Includes the following

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Ad copy Writing
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Position Optimisation
  • Negative Keyword Management

Every client is given a different pricing depending on the scope & scale of work and the objectives of the campaigns.

Our SEM Campaigns KPI’s ( Impression Share, Click through rates, Conversion Rates, CPA or CPL)

Please discuss with our Certified Search Advertisers today! And start optimizing your SEM Campaigns.



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