What are the right qualities of a good PPC Specialist?

Well I’ve been working with different agencies, projects and business owners. For me here the lists of a high quality PPC specialist.

Good in Math – Since PPC Campaigns involved alot of numbers, it is essential that PPC specialists should have strong sense with numbers. This will help him identify forecasts, trends and errors on his reporting and big chart of information.

Advance Microsoft Excel – Well mostly all office work needs at least how to use Microsoft Excel but for a PPC Specialist he needs to have advanced skills in order to do his work efficiently. This involves formulas, tables, charting and look up functions.

Internet Savy – PPC or Adwords is a form of internet advertising, it is a must that he/she must know how to circumnavigate the internet, familiar with social networks, forums, blogs ,chatrooms and Ecommerce will help him alot of understanding how digital media is executed.

Entrepreneurial Spirit–  a good PPC specialist knows how to think a business owner. Has keen vision on how his strategy would affect the overall performance of a campaign. Only a few PPC specialist have this skill or experience. This for me is one of the biggest skill a highly effective ppc specialist should have.

Fast Learner – Most Google tools and Interfaces changes alot, each day new functions and features Google is able to develop to enhance the advertiser experience in delivery highly relevant targeted ads to its consumers. Thus, he/she must be a fast learner not to miss out on new things.

Written by : John Conigliaro https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnsayasa PPC Expert  ( Search and Banner )

Qualities of a PPC Specialist
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